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First Annual Session 






August 14th. ;r.TH and 16th. 1838. 

S. B. ALEXANDER, President, - 

L. L. POLK, Secretary, 

& * 

Charlotte, N. C. j 
Raleigh, N. C. 

(7/3 3 6 5 

Edwards & Rroughton, Power Printers and Binders 



$ t le 


OF THE (' Q §■ l 



August 14. 15 ancj 16, 1888. 

Raleigh, N. C, August 14th, 18SS. 

The North Carolina Siate Farmers' Alliance convened in 
Metropolitan Hall, in the City of Raleigh, on August 14th, 
1888, and was called to order at 12 o'clock M., by President 
S. R. Alexander. 

The Alliance was opened in due form, Bro. D. R. Meacham 
officiating as Chaplain. 

The President appointed a Committee on Credentials, 
consisting of Bros. W. A. Graham of Lincoln. S. 0. Wilson 
of Wake, and J. F. Davis of Rockingham, which, after in- 
vestigation of the credentials of delegates, reported that all 
the County Alliances in the State, except Columbus, Onslow 
and Yadkin were properly represented, as follows : 

Col. J. N. Whitford. Jones county : L. X. Durham. Cleveland county: 
E. B. Kearns. Randolph county : S. O. Wilson, Wake county : George 
Bishop. Northampton county ; J. F. Shine. Duplin county : J. R. 
Beaman. Sampson county ; Dr. J. E. Person. Wayne county : D. A. 
Chirk. Montgomery county: J. H. Exum. Xash county: L. E. Duffy, 
Craven county : Wm, Pearson. Haniett county : W. L. Williams. Cum- 
berland county : J. J?. Hodges. Committeeman. Cumberland county : W. 
A. Darden. Greene county : N. H. Fleming. Granville county : Jas. P. 
Kerr. Alamance county : A. A. Edwards. Brunswick county ; L. M. 
Morrison. Cabarrus county : J. R. Evans. Davidson county : J. O. A. 
Kelly. Moore county ; E. Meares. Bladen county": J. B. -Halman, Iredell 
county : Y. A. Wilson. Forsyth county : J. H. Wilson. Caswell county : 
L. R. Hamer. Robeson county : W. W. Farmer. Wilson county : G. L. 
White. Davie county : S. Rountree. Lenoir cormt.y-_uJ . -T. Rogers. War- 
ren county : H. S. Harrison. Halifax county ; Wm. Merritt. Person 
county : M. E. Blalock. Stanly county ; J. W. McGregor. Anson county; 

(?/3 3 & 5 

W. C. Cole, Richmond county : W. E. Ardrey. Mecklenburg county : 
J. S. Wilson, Rockingham county ; D. Z. Hardin. Richmond county ; 
J. K. Hughes. Orange county ; J. T. . .Nichols. J Jurham c ounty : J. W, 
Atwater, Chatham county: L. A. Shuford. Catawoa couTTH**: Capt. J. 
J. Young, Johnston county : W. A. Graham. Lincoln county : A. C. 
"Ward, Pender county : W. A. James. Pitt county : J. L. McLean. Robe- 
son county : A. F. Bizzell. Richmond county : H. C. Kearney. Franklin 
county : J. B. Ashcraft, Union county : D. O. Bryan. Moore county : J. 
J. Battle. Edgecombe county : J. A. Fisher. Rowan county: S. F. Har- 
rell, Rutherford county ; J. H. Dunn. Vance county. 

On motion, Bro. L. A. Shuford was admitted as a delegate 
to represent Catawba County Alliance. 

The following Committee on the Order of Business was 
announced by the President : Bros. J. B. Holman of Iredell, 
W. W. Farmer of Wilson, and L. R. Hamer of Robeson. 

President Alexander then delivered his Annual Address, 
which was warmly received by the Alliance. 

The Committee on the Order of Business submitted the 
following report : 

Your Committee on the Order of Business beg leave to submit the fol- 
lowing report as the Order of Business governing this body : 

1. Calling the roll. 

2. Address by the President. 

3. Reading minutes of preceding meeting. 

4. Appointing special committees. 

5. Report of officers and standing committees. 

6. Unfinished business. 

7. New business. 

8. Report of special committees. 

9. Business with Zvational Alliance. 

10. Election of officers and election and appointment of standing com- 


11. Lecturing. 

12. Installation of officers. 

13. Adiournment. 



On motion, the report of the committee was adopted. 

The proceedings of the last meeting were read by the Sec- 
retary and approved. 

Bro. J. L. McLean, of Robeson, introduced a resolution, 
which, after discussion, was laid on the table. 

Bro. G. B. Pickett, of the Texas State Alliance, was recog- 
nized by the President and introduced to the Alliance, and 
invited to a seat on the floor. 

The Annual Report of the Secretary was read, as follows : 


Bro. President and members of the North Carolina Farmers' State Al- 

In submitting this, my first annual report, as Secretary of our State 
Alliance, it may not be improper for me to give a brief review of the 
work accomplished through this office, since our organization, October 
4th. 1887. 

Beginning without a dollar in our treasury, with only one hundred 
and 'thirty-two Subordinate Alliances, scattered over the territory of 
eight counties, which were poorly equipped and imperfectly instructed, 
with no publishing house, from which to secure Supplies, nearer than 
Dallas. Texas, with but few brethren in the Order sufficiently informed 
in the written and unwritten work to act as Organizers,, the task of suc- 
cessfully organizing the State was, indeed, a formidable undertaking. 

I effected an arrangement with Bro. E. B. Warren. Secretary of the 
National Alliance, for outfit supplies for newly organized Alliances, until 
we should be able to print and furnish them from our own office. The 
expense and delay, necessarily attending the shipment of Supplies over 
such a great distance, and the active and constantly increasing demand 
for them, made it imperative that this work should be executed at home. 
It was therefore deemed wise, that the first receipts of the office, or so 
much as were necessary, should be appropriated to the furnishing of 
such portions of the Supplies as were allowed to be printed 'under the 
rule of the National Committee on Secret Work. I accordingly made 
an arrangement, with the sanction of our brother President, with Messrs. 
Edwards" & Broughton. of this city, for printing such matter as was re- 
quired, and at lower rates than it could be procured from our National 
Publishing House in Texas. 

Forms, blanks, working bulletins, circulars and books for the office to 
conform to the requirements of our Constitution, had to be prepared 
and distributed to the various Affiances, as well as outfits and instructions 
for Deputy Organizers. As new Deputies were commissioned, and new 
fields were opened, the correspondence and work of the office increased 
so rapidly, that it was found to be impossible to meet the growing de- 
jaands upon the office without additional clerical aid. The correspon- 
dence of the office has increased until, for the past two months, the 
letters received number from fifty to one hundred per day. I employed 
two first-class men — one of them an expert book-keeper, and with the 
marvelous growth of our Order, the work has so increased and enlarged, 
that with constant and faithful labor, we find it difficult to perform it. 

I procured a room for the office at No. 13 West Hargett street, from 
Messrs. Williamson & Upchuivh. at a cost of five dollars per month. 
Its location is accessible and convenient, and thus, far has answered the 


At your organization we had lii'2 Subordinate Alliances in the State; 
to-day we have 1,018. We have fifty-two County Alliances, in the fol- 
lowing named counties: Alamance. Anson. Bladen. Brunswick. Cabarrus, 
Caswell, Chatham. Cleveland. Cohfmbus. Craven. Cumberland. Davie, 
Davidson. Duplin, Durham. Edgecombe. Forsyth, Franklin. Granville, 
Greener Halifax, Harnett. Iredell. Jolmston, Jones. Lenoir. Lincoln, 
Martin, Mecklenburg. Montgomery. Moore. Nash. Northampton. Onslow, 
Orange. Pender. Person. Pitt. Randolph. Richmond. Robeson. Rocking- 
ham, Rowan. Rutherford. Sampson, Stanly, Union. Vance. Wake. War- 
ren, Wayne. Wilson and Yadkin, and the work of organizing eleven 
other counties is progressing. 

The total membership in our State approximates f orty-two thousa nd. 
Absolute exactness, as to membership, is not attainable, since a number 
of Alliances have failed to report for the last quarter, but the above esti- 
mate is approximately correct. 

I give the number of Alliances, reported by counties, as follows: Ala- 
mance. 8: Alexander. 2: Anson, 25: Bladen. 28: Brunswick. 11; Cabar- 
rus. 12: Caswell. IT: Catawba. 4; Chatham. 4H: Cleveland. 22: Colum- 
bus. 27: Craven. 9: Cumberland. 32: Davidson. 11; Davie. 4: Duplin. 28; 
Durham. 1* : Edgecombe. 13: Forsvth. 8: Franklin. 29: Gaston, 3: Gran- 
ville. 29: Greene. 9: Guil ford i : Halifax. 21: Harnett. 24. Hertf ordf^ : 
Iredell." 27 : Johnston. 34?" Jones. 10; Lenoir. 19: Lincoln. 6; Martin. 7; 
McDowell. 1: Mecklenburg. 26; Montgomery. 13: Moore. 33: Nash, 27; 
Northampton. 13: Onslow. 22: O ramre. 14 : Pasquotank. 5; Pender. 15; 
P erson. 17 : Pitt. 10; Randolph, 16; Richmond. 14: Robeson. 42: Rock- 
i flgEJ5T "l5: Rowan. 21; Rutherford. 11: Sampson. 40: Stanley". 12; 
Stokes. 3 : Union. 30: Vance. 15 : Wlake. 55: Warren. 17; Washington. 1; 
Wayne. 19: Wilson. 17: and Yadkin. 6. 

One hundred and seven Deputy Organizers have been commissioned, 
but several of these have tendered their resignations, and the commis- 
sions of others have been revoked. 


This office has received from all sources ... £6.0(>4 59 

Disbursed, as per vouchers in hand of Treasurer 4.050 50 

Balance in hands of Treasurer ... £2.014 09 

Of which amount the office is due for outstanding accounts as follows: 

E. B. Warren. Secretary National Alliance -. §129 59 

S. B. Alexander. President, salary to date 108 00 

L. L. Polk. Secretary, salary 'to date 133 00 

J. D. Allen. Treasurer ... 108 00 

Florida State Alliance 5 25 

Edwards & Broughton 1 (5 00 

Alfred Williams & Co 9 30 

Amount due in full $509 1 2 

The books of the office, containing a detailed statement of the receipts 
and disbursements, have been submitted to the examination of your 
Executive Committee, who will report thereon. For a general state- 
ment of the purposes for which the expenditures were made. I respect- 
fully refer you to the report of our Treasurer. Bro. J. D. Alien. 


It may be my duty, as Editor of the Progressive Farmer, which 
paper was made our official State organ by the action of vour body at 
its organization, to state that its success has been remarkable. 

At the date of its adoption as the organ of our State Alliance, its list 
of subscribers was about thirteen hundred: to-day we issue to regular sub- 
scribers about five thousand, five hundred and eighty copies, making it 
among the very foremost, if not the^first paper in the State in point of 
subscribers. At no time has it been so prosperous as for the past two 
months, during which period it has received about nineteen hundred 
subscribers, and yet it may not be improper to state, that not more than 
one tenth of our membership are subscribers. The Virginia State Alli- 
ance, at its organization on the 12th ult., adopted it as the official organ 
of the Farmers* Alliance of that State. 

The outlook for the Order in our State is, indeed, hopeful and auspi- 
cious. The finest spirit prevails, and the hopes, aims and desires of the 
brotherhood are in the most thorough and harmonious accord. 
Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

L. L. POLK. 
Secretory N. C. F. S. Alliance. 

The report of the Secretary on the Business Agency Fund, 
was read as follows : 


On the 4th day of June last I mailed to the Secretary of each Sub- 
ordinate Alliance in the State, an address issued by our President and 
Executive Committee, to the membership of our order in regard to 
raising a fund for establishing a business agency for our State, a copy 
of which is hereto appended. It was made my duty to receive the 
reports of such amounts as were pledged for this purpose, and report 
the same to your body. 

Up to this date, in notes, payable not later than November 1st next, 
and a small amount of cash, the sum of §5,897.25. 1 have received offi- 
cial pledges and notes, made by members, to the amount of §25,084.25 : 
total. $80,981.50. 

From hundreds of letters received it is manifest that two causes have 
operated most seriously against a more prompt and liberal response on 
the part of the members : 

First : The want of a clearer understanding as to how the fund is to 
be applied : how it is to be secured against loss, and the advantages 
which may accrue to the contributor. 

Second: The continued drought which prevailed in many sections of 
the State, and which threatened serious disaster to the crops. 

Happily, the recent general rains have revived the drooping spirit, as 
well as the drooping plant, and it only remains for this body to devise 
such a system as shall fully meet the first inquiry to secure a general 
and most liberal response from the members throughout the State. The 
address has been received with hope, courage and enthusiasm, and if 
this body shall digest and present to our brethren a practical and safe 
plan for applying the fund for the benefit of the order, no reasonable 
demand will fail to be met prompt and liberally. 
Respectfuliv and fraternally, 

L. L. POLK. 
Secretary N. C. Farmers' Alliance. 

The annual report of the Executive Committee was read, 
as follows : 


August 14th. 1888. 
To the Officers and Members of the N. C. State Farmers' Alliance: 

Brethren: — AYe. the members of the Executive Committee, beg 
leave to make the following report: 

We have carefully examined the books and accounts of the Secretary 
and Treasurer of the N. C. State Farmers" Alliance, and find them cor- 
rect and satisfactory. We have also examined their reports submitted 
to vou. and find them also correct. On the 6th of Februarv. IKys. a 

justified bond was required, and approved, of the Secretary for $5,000: 
and also a justified bond was required and approved of the Treasurer for 
$10,000; both of which are duly recorded in books of the Register of 
Deeds for Wake County. 

"We would recommend that section 2. article 9. of our Constitution, 
relative to the appointment of County Organizers, be so amended as to 
leave the recommendation for appointment of one or more County Or- 
ganizers to the Committee on the Good of the Order of said County Al- 

We also beg leave to call the attention of the County Secretaries to 
provisions of section 8. article 2. of our Constitution, relative to reports, 
and urge the importance of their strict observance of the same. 
All of which is respectfullv submitted. 

Executive Comm ittee. 

On motion of \Y. A. Graham, the report of the committee 
was referred to the Committee on Constitution and By-Laws. 

Bro. J. X. Hubbard, chairman of the Judiciary Commit- 
tee, made the following report: 


To the President and Member* of the North Carolina 

Farmers' State Alliance: 

BRETHREN : — The State Judiciary Committee, in compliance with in- 
structions from President Alexander, met in Raleigh July 31st. 1888, to 
investigate charges made and published in the Wadesboro Intelligencer 
against Bro. L. L. Polk. The committee was furnished by President 
Alexander, with the following complaint from Bro. L. L. Polk : 

Raleigh. N. C. June 9th, 1888. 

Bro. S. B. Alexander, President X. C. State Alliance, 

Charlotte, N. C. : 

Dear Sir AXD Bro.: — Whereas. S. W. Hearn, claiming to be a mem- 
ber of the Alliance, and editor of the Wadesboro Intelligencer, a paper 
purporting to be the official organ of the Anson county Farmers' Alli- 
ance, has made and published in said paper, various and specific charges 
against the editor of the Progressive Farmer, who is a member of Oak 
Ridge Alliance. Wake county, and who is also the Secretary of the State 
Alliance, and which paper is the official organ of the State Alliance : and 
whereas, said charges are false: and u-hereas. he. Hearn, persists, in 
their publication, and the assiduous circulation of the same in violation 
of his obligation as a member of the Alliance, and of every principle of 
our order : 

Therefore. I. the defendant in this matter, demand an immediate, full 
and thorough investigation of said charges, as published in the said 
paper, by the proper authority, under our State Constitution, to the end 
that justice may be done to myself and all concerned. 
Respectfullv and fraternally, 

* L. L. POLK. 
Secretary N. C. Farmers' State Alliance. 

All the members of the committee, and the Lecturer, being 

present, with Bro. W. G. Crowder as clerk of the committee, 
the complaint and demand of Bro. Polk for an investigation 
was read, and also charges as made out and furnished Bro. 
Polk by the State Lecturer, as follow?: 

After an examination I find that the general charge against Bro. Polk 
by Bro. Hearn is. that Bro. Polk's course in the Stone-Hearn cotton seed 
case was injurious to the Alliance, and to Bro. Hearn. in that : 

1st. Bro. Polk advertised and '"puffed* 1 the seed in his paper of Jan- 
uary 12th last, thereby influencing Alliance men to buy them. 

2(1. Bro. Polk refused to publish the Anson County Alliance resolutions 
denouncing the seed, thereby failing to warn the Alliance men of the 

3d. Bro. Polk did not aid. assist or encourage Bro. Hearn during the 
trial, as he should have done. 

Alter reading the above charges, Bro. Smith, of the com- 
mittee, asked if there was any evidence to sustain the charge 
of Bro. Hearn. The Lecturer replied none, except as pub- 
lished in the papers before the committee. 

The written reply and defense of Bro. Polk, with letters 
from some of Bro. Heam's counsel, was then read by the 
Clerk for the defense. 

The Lecturer then addressed the committee on behalf of 
the prosecution on the general charge and specifications. 

The committee then took the case, and after due deliber- 
ation, rendered the following decision: 

We, the undersigned, members of the Judiciary Committee of the 
North Carolina Farmers" Alliance, having heard and investigated the 
charges of Bro. S. "W. Hearn against Bro. L. L. Polk, as published in the 
"Wadesboro In telligencer (affecting him as an Alliance man), do hereby 
acquit Bro. Polk as to the general charge, and also as to the specific 
charges : all of which is respectfully submitted to vour bodv. 



Judiciary Committee N. C. Farmers' State Alliance. 

George "Wilcox. 

State Lecturer X. C. Farmers' Alliance. 

Bro. J. X. "Whit-ford, of Jones, moved that the report be 
received and adopted. 

On motion of Bro. S. Otho Wilson, the Alliance took a 
recess until 4 o'clock p. m. 

Afternoon Session, August 14th, 1888. 

The Alliance was called to order promptly at 4 o'clock. 

The unfinished business of the morning session was taken 
up, it being the motion to adopt the report of the Judiciary 

Bro. McGregor, of Anson, offered as a substitute for the 
motion to adopt the report of the committee, the following: 

That the matter in controversy between brethren Polk and Hearn l>e 
referred back to the Judiciary Committee, with instructions to examine 
such witnesses as parties might produce, and make a full report to State 

Bro. Ivey offered a substitute as follows : 
That the case be referred to the Committee on the Good of the Order. 

Bro. Ivey's substitute was lost. 

Bro. Wilcox, State Lecturer, explained at length his con- 
nection with the case, and read a letter from Bro. Hearn. 

The substitute of Bro. McGregor, on being put to the 
house, was lost. 

The question recurring on the principal motion to adopt 
the report of the Judiciary Committee, the motion prevailed, 
and the report was adopted. 

On motion of Bro. W. A. Graham, the chair was requested 
to appoint a committee of seven on the Business Agency and 

The Chair appointed the committee as follows : Bros. W. 
A. Graham of Lincoln, J. K. Hughes of Orange, J. B. Hol- 
man of Iredell, H. C. Kearney of Franklin, I). Z. Hardin of 
Riebinond, and Geo. Bishop of Northampton. 

By request of Bro. G. B. Pickett, of Texas, a committee of 
three was appointed to investigate certain charges made 
against him by Bro. S. W. Hearn. 

The Chair appointed the following committee: Bros. J. 
H. Exum of Nash, J. W. McGregor of Anson, and J. E. 
Person of "Wayne. 

Various resolutions from different Alliances in regard to 
the Bagging Trust, were read and referred to a special com- 


On motion, it was ordered that all resolutions looking to 
amendments to the Constitution, be referred to the Com- 
mittee on Constitution and By-Laws. 

On motion, the Committee on Statutory Laws was dis- 

A resolution of the Johnston County Alliance, in regard 
to a reduction of the salary of the Secretary of the State 
Alliance, was read by Bro. J. J. Young, of Johnston, and 
referred to the Committee on Constitution and By-Laws. 

Secretary Polk introduced Bro. J. W. Reid, Secretary of 
the South Carolina State Alliance. Bro. Reid addressed the 
Alliance in a most pleasant and fraternal spirit. 

Bro. McLean introduced a resolution requesting the ap- 
pointment of a committee on the " Bagging Trust." 

The Chair appointed Bros. McLean of Robeson, Pearson 
of Harnett, and Rogers of Warren on said committee. 

The Chair announced the following Standing Committees : 

Constitution and By-Laws — J. J. Battle of Edgecombe. J. J. Young 
of Johnston. AY. E. Ardrey of .Mecklenburg. H. S. Harrison of Halifax, 
L. R. Harner of Robeson. 

Judiciary Committer — AT. A. Graham of Lincoln. J. L. McLean of 
Eobeson. W. W. Farmer of Wilson. L. M. Morrison of Cabarrus. D. O. 
Bryan of Moore. 

Committee on Demands and Resolutions — D. D. Mclntyre of Rich- 
mond. Y\~. A. Harden of Greene. J. K. Hughes of Orange. J. AY. At- 
Avater of Chatham. J. X. AYhiti'ord of Jones. 

Bro. McGregor, of Anson, introduced a resolution which, 
on motion, was referred to the Committee on Constitution 
and By-Laws. 

On motion, the Alliance adjourned until Wednesday Stt 
o'clock A. M. 

Morning Session, August 15th, 1SSS. 
The Alliance was called to order at 8^ o'clock by the 

Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read and approved. 
A resolution was introduced bv Bro. Y. A. Wilson, which 


was referred to the Committee on Constitution and By- 

Bro. Ardrey, of Mecklenburg, offered the following reso- 
lution : 

A resolution adopted by Mecklenburg County Alliance, at Long 
Branch, on <ith of July. 188>> : 

Resolved. That the County Alliance of Mecklenburg recommend that 
the State Alliance order that the Secretaries of sub-Alliances make 
monthly report to the County Secretaries, and the County Secretaries 
make monthly reports to the State Secretary, on the condition of our 
crops, especially Cotton, and the State Secretary report back through 
the same channel to the sub-Alliances monthly. 

Bro. McLean introduced a resolution which was referred 
to the Judiciary Committee. 

The Committee on the Business Agency made the follow- 
ing report, which was adopted: 


Section 1. The President of the State Alliance shall procure a Charter 
of incorporation under the laws of this State for the North Carolina 
Farmers' State Alliance. 

Sec. ~. In order to conduct the commercial business of the North 
Carolina Farmers" State Alliance and to protect from loss those who may 
deal with the Business Agent of the same, the North Carolina Farmers' 
State Alliance Agency Fund is hereby inaugurated. 

Sec 3. The Business Fund shall consist of not less than fifty thousand 
nor more than two hundred thousand dollars, divided into shares of rive 
dollars each, and half shares of two and a half dollars each, and one- 
fifth shares of one dollar each. 

Sec 4. Each contributor shall receive from the Secretary of the State 
Alliance a receipt, as follows : 

North Carolina Business Agency Fund. 
Raleigh, N. C. , 188.. 

•< Received of of Affiance No 

dollars, for the North Carolina Farmers' State Alliance 

Business Agency Fund, and he i.-^ hereby entitled to all rights and 
interests to he derived from such contribution. 

This certificate shall be transferable, provided such transfer be made 
onlv to a member of the Alliance in good standing. 

This ... dav 188.. 



Secretary X. C. S. F. A. 

Sec 5. The Secretary shall keep in a book provided for the purpose, a 
list of the names of those contributing to the fund, the number of the 
Alliance to which they belong, and the amount contributed. 

Sec G. The Business Fund shall be managed by the Executive Com- 
mittee of the State Alliance. No portion of it shall be used in the busi- 
ness of the Business Agency unless required to settle the contracts of the 
Agent made in conformity to regulations of the Executive Committee, 
and when any portion is so used all money received from the cause of 
such use shall be returned to the Fund. 


Sec. 7. The Fund shall be in the keeping of a Trustee, to he elected by 
the State Alliance at this session (August. 1888), who shall hold office for 
five years. He shall invest not less than twenty-five thousand dollars of 
said fund in the bonds of the State of North Carolina or the United 
States, and the remainder as he may deem best. The profits arising 
from said fund shall first be used to pay the salary of the Trustee and 
all other expense connected with said fund, and any remainder shall be 
used by the Executive Committee in defraying the expenses of the Busi- 
ness Agency. 

Sec. S. Said Trustee shall give a justified bond in double the amount 
of money supposed to pass through his hands, lor the faithful accounting 
for all moneys for which he may be responsible or any expense incurred 
in collecting the same on his bond. The Executive Committee shall 
cause his bond Jo be increased from time to time, so as to cover the 
amounts placed in his hands, ami shall recmire him to strengthen his 
bond at any time they deem it necessary, to such an amount as they 
deem sufficient, provided, that no member of the Executive Committee 
shall be accepted as bondsman. 

Sec. 9. Said Trustee may be removed for cause, by a vote of the State 
Alliance, and he may be suspended until the meeting of the State Alli- 
ance by the Executive Committee, approved by the President. In case 
of vacancy from suspension, removal, death or any other cause, the 
Executive Committee, with approval of the President, shall nil such 
vacancy until the next regular meeting of the State Alliance. 

SEC. h>. The Secretary of each Sub-Alliance shall collect all subscrip- 
tions made by members of their Alliance and forward to the Trustee, 
giving name of contributor and amount contributed by each. The 
Trustee shall notify the Secretary of the names and amounts who shall 
forward certificates to the Secretary of the Sub-Alliance as provided in 
Section 4. The Secretary and Treasurer shall turn over to the Trustee 
all funds belonging to the Fund U] >on his appointment. The Secretary 
shall notify through the Organ of the Alliance, tiie Sub-Alliances when 
the Trustee's bond is accepted. 

Sec. 11. The Trustee shall receive an annual salary, to lie fixed by the 
Executive Committee, not to exceed Sl.OUO. to be paid quarterly out of 
the profits received from said Fund, and shall be paid on approved war- 
rant of tiie President. 

Sec. 12. In case it shall become nece>sary to use any of said Fund in 
the Business Agency, the Executive Committee shall certify to the 
President the amount necessary and the cause of the indebtedness, ami 
the Executive Committee, with approval of the President, shall direct 
the Trustee to collect sufficient amount and settle the indebtedness. 

Sec. 18. The Trustee shall collect all interest or other profits on said 
Fund as it becomes due. and pay the same into the treasury of the State 

Sec. 14. The Treasurer shall keep a separate account of it and shall 
pay it out only to the salary of the Trustee, and to the Executive Com- 
mittee, to be used in conducting the Business Agency of the Alhance, 
on the warrant approved by the President. 

Sec. 15. The Trustee shall report to each session of the Alhance how 
the Fund is invested and the vouchers for the disposition made of profits 
received on the Fund. 

Sec. 16. In case the North Carolina Farmers' Alliance should for any 
cause cease to exist, the money composing this Fund shall revert to those 
contributing it. 


The Business Ajjent shall conduct the business of his office under the 
supervision and direction of the Executive Committee, as provided in 
Article 8, Section 3, of the Constitution. 


He shall keep a record of each transaction in a hook furnished for the 
purpose, showing articles sold or bought and price paid or received for 
them individually and in gross amount. 

He shall sell only to the Business Agents of County and Suh- Alliances, 
except on written directions from the Executive Committee stating 
quantity to be sold and price. 

On motion of Bro. Fleming:, of Granville, the Secretary of 
the Alliance was ordered to have 10,000 copies of the report 
of the Committee on the Business Agency printed for dis- 
tribution among the members of the order. 

Bro. J. X. Whitford, of Jones, called the attention of the 
Alliance to a circular, which he said had been distributed 
throughout the city, a copy of which Bro. Whitford sent to 
the desk of the Secretary and asked to have read as follows: 


The report of the Judiciary Committee, adopted by the N. C. F. S. Al- 
liance at its meeting August 14th. was false and misleading. The so- 
called investigation was a farce, for no investigation was held — no wit- 
ness being examined or allowed to appear before the Committee. 

Col. Polk posed in the attitude of both defendant and plaintiff, and 
was tried upon charges which I never made. You are requested to read 
the pamphlet which I hand you. and judge for yourself how the Com- 
mittee discharged its duties. I ask at your hands justice. 

You are requested to send me your address, that I may furnish you. 
free of charge, other publications on the subject. 

I respectfullv crave a hearing. 


Raleigh, A. C. August lot],. 18SS. 

Bro. Whitford offered the following resolution, which was 
adopted : 

Whereas. S. W. Heam claiming to be a member of our Alliance has 
circulated a hand bill headed ■■ Report of Whitewashing Committee " in 
which he shows himself to be a slanderer and circulator of an untruth : 

Resolved. That the course of Bro. Hearn is unbecoming a good and 
true Alliance man. and that unless he make a suitable acknowledgment 
and apology for his offence at once, if on the Alliance floor, that the Ser- 
geant-at-Arms lie instructed to put him out of the hall, and if not in the 
hall, that the Doorkeeper be instructed not to allow him an entrance un- 
less for the purpose as above expressed. 

Bro. Hearn was called forward by the President, and re- 
fusing to make any explanation, he (Hearn) was conducted 
to the door by the Sergeant-at-Arms. 

On motion, the report of the Committee on Bagging 
Trust was made special order for 3 o'clock P. M. 

On motion of Bro. Ivev. it was resolved that immediately 


after the disposition of the special order at the afternoon ses- 
sion, the Alliance would proceed to the election of ofrrcers. 
The committee appointed to investigate the difficulty be- 
tween Bros. Pickett and Hearn, reported as follows: 

The Committee appointed to investigate the differences between Bros. 
Hearn and Pickett, respectfully submit the following report : 

1st. That no man was ever actuated by higher aims or nobler purposes 
than was Bro. Pickett. That every word, act and deed, was but the 
promptings of an honest heart: a heart whose fidelity and devotion to 
our cause has been recognized throughout the State. 

2d. That we accord to Bro. Hearn the same honesty of purpose, but 
must say he was too hasty in his conclusions and acted in violation of 
the teachings of our Order by resorting to the newspaper columns to 
make an onslaught upon another brother without seeking redress in a 
kindly manner, or presenting his grievances to the proper tribunal for 

J. H. EXUM. Chm'n. 

j. w. McGregor, 



The report of the committee was adopted. 

The report of the committee on the tobacco interests was 
referred to the following special committee: Bros. William 
Merritt of Person, J. H. Dunn of Vance, J. T. Rogers of 
Warren, N. H. Fleming of Granville, and A'. A. Wilson of 

A very polite invitation was received from Major R. S. 
Tucker of this city to visit his farm. 

On motion, the Alliance adjourned until 2| o'clock P. M. 

Afternoon Session, Aug. loth, 1888. 

The Alliance was called to order by the President and 
opened in due form. 

The special order, the report of the Committee on the 
Bagging Trust, was called up. The committee reported as 
follows : 

Your Special Committee, appointed to investigate and report upon the 
Cotton Bagging Trust, beg leave to report that we have carefully con- 
sidered the several resolutions referred to the Committee upon the sub- 
ject and respectfully recommend the adoption of the following resolu- 
tions : 

Resolved 1st. That rather than submit to the extortionate prices now 
put on cotton bagging, as a result of the recent bagging pool or trust, 
this Alliance hereby resolves to use as a substitute for such bagging cot- 
ton cloth of our own manufacture. 


Resolved 2d. That.this action of the State Alliance be at once commu- 
nicated to tlie several State Jurisdictions of our Order, and to the Na- 
tional Alliance, and also to the Inter-State Farmers' Association, which 
bodies are earnestly requested to cooperate with us in this matter. 

Resolved 3d. That we denounce this trust as a stupendous fraud and 
iniquity, and we call upon Congress to take such steps as may be deemed 
best to unmask this fraud and grant t<> the people needed relief. 

On motion, the resolutions were adopted unanimously. 

At this moment the following telegram was received and 

read : 

Nashville. Tenk., August loth. 1888. 
Tennessee State Farmers" Alliance sends greeting to the North Caro- 
lina State Farmers' Alliance. We have determined not to use the Trust 
Cotton Bagging. "Will use osnaburg. sheeting, or anvthing else. Stand 
by us. J. P. 'BUCHANAN. 

J. H. MCDOWELL. Secretary. 

The following reply was sent : 

To Bro. J. P. Buchanan. Nashville. Tennesssee: 

North Carolina State Alliance sends greeting. We have passed a reso- 
lution unanimously, standing by you in the war made upon u.s by the 
bagging trust. Mav God prosper the right ! 

L. L. Polk. Secretary. 

Bro. J. H. Exum, of Xash. introduced a resolution in re- 
gard to material as a substitute for cotion bagging, which 
was referred to the Committee on the Bagging Trust. 

'I he Bagging Trust Committee reported back some reso- 
lutions of the Craven County Alliance, recommending that 
they lie referred to the Committee on Demands and Res- 

Resolutions from various Alliances in the State in regard 
to the Bagging Trust were read by the Secretary, and refer- 
red .to the Committee on Bagging Trust. 

On motion of Bro. Carr. of Edgecombe. Bro. Payne, of 
Robeson, was invited to address the Alliance on this subject. 
Bro. Payne did so in a most capital speech. 


The Alliance then proceeded to the election of officers, 
with the following result: 

Bro. S. B. Alexander, of Mecklenburg. President. 

•• Thad. Tver, of Robeson. Vice-President. 

•• L. L. Polk, of Wake. Secretarv. 

■• J. D. Allen, of Wake. Treasurer. 

■• D. Reid Parker, of Randolph. Lecturer. 

•• D. D. Mclntyre. of Richmond, Assistant Secretary. 

-i Carl Moore, of Vance. Chaplain. 

•• W. H. Tomlinson. of Cumberland, Door-Keeper. 

•• D. H. Senter. of Harnett. Assistant Door-Keeper. 

•• J. S. Holt, of Harnett. Sergeaih>at-Arnis. 

The ballot for delegates to National Alliance resulted in 
the election of Bros, Elias Carr, of Edgecombe, J. F. Payne, 
of Robeson, and J. R. Beaman, of Sampson. 

The following alternates were chosen : Bros. \Y. M. White, 
of Iredell, J. \V. McGregor, of Anson, and \\\ L. Williams, 
of Cumberland." 

The election of an Executive Committeeman in place of 
Bro. Elias Carr, whose term had expired, resulted in the re- 
election of Bro. Carr. 

The following resolutions, introduced by Bro. Bishop, of 
Northampton, were adopted : 

Whereas. Many of the mills for the production of bagging have shut 
down, and entered into a combination, so as to enable them to fix the 
price of bagging at an extortionate and ruinous rate to the cotton pro- 
ducers of our State : therefore be it 

Resolved. By the North Carolina State Farmers' Alliance, in Conven- 
tion assembled, at Raleigh. N. C representing about forty thousand of 
the qualified voters of our Slate, that we do hereby earnestly request 
and demand of our Senators and Representatives in Congress, that they 
use their best efforts to have the ,; Mills Bill." now pending in the United 
States Senate, so amended as to admit bagging free of duty, and if i: be 
impossible to so amend the said bill, then they are urged to originate 
and have passed a special act in the House of Representatives admitting 
bagging free of duty. 

Resolved 2d. That all the State Alliances composing the National Alli- 
ance be requested to join with us ha endeavoring to' secure this simple 
act of justice. 

Bro. J. L. McLean offered the following resolution, which 

was adopted: 

Resolved, That our delegates to the National Alliance are hereby in- 
structed to secure, if practicable, the annual meeting- oi the various 
State Alliances on the same dav. 


The Committee on the Tobacco Interests reported as 
follows : 

Wheeeas. The Tobacco Interest among the farmers of North Carolina 
has suffered and the price has been depressed by an over-production of 
inferior grades and by bad management : Therefore. 

Resolved 1. That the State Alliance recommend to its members to 
plant only 8.000 plants to the hand and to use less commercial fertilizers 
and more home made manures in the production of said tobacco and 
thereby be enabled to raise more home made supplies. 

Resolved 2. That the farmers and members of the Alliance adjacent to 
their markets use their utmost endeavor to reduce the cost of selling their 
tobacco, and that the President of each County Alliance, upon petition. 
call a meeting of the County Alliance, composed of one or more delegates 
according to membership, from each Sub-Alliance for the purpose of 
considering the subject. 

Resolved 8. That we request the State Alliance to recommend to the 
County Alliances to endeavor to establish tobacco warehouses and man- 
ufactures wherever practicable, founded on the Macune Agency system. 

Resolved 4. That we demand of our representatives in Congress to use 
all their influence for the early repeal of the tobacco tax and continue 
to do so until it is removed. 

Oil motion, the report of the committee was adopted. 
The following resolution, introduced by Bro. J. H. Exuni, 
was referred to Committee on Demands and Resolutions. 

Whereas. Our Railroad Corporations were created for the common 
good and not for the enrichment of the few. it is just that they should 
be held under restrictions which will prevent them from abusing the 
privileges and franchises bestowed upon them by the people through 
their government : und whereas, the cost of the transportation of the 
products of the soil to market falls on the producers and is now burden- 
some beyond what is legitimate and reasonable : therefore, 

Resolved. That the North Carolina Farmers' State Alliance demands 
the establishment of a railroad commission by the next legislature, 
clothed with ample powers to equitably control and regulate in the in- 
terest of the people the freight charges and tariffs on our railroads. 

On motion, the Alliance adjourned until S o'clock at 

Night Session, Aug. 15th, 1SSS. 

The Alliance was called to order by President Alexander. 

The special order for the evening being a lecture by Bro. 
G. B. Pickett, of Texas, Bro. Pickett came forward and de- 
livered a most entertaining and instructive lecture, after 
which he exemplified the secret work of the order. 

The brethren were much interested and benefited greatly 
by this exemplification of the secret work, and on motion, 


the thanks of the Alliance were tendered to Bro. Pickett by 
unanimous vote. 

The Alliance adjourned until 8| o'clock A. M. to-morrow. 

Morning Session, Aug. Kith, 1888. 

The Alliance was called to order at 8A o'clock by President 

Minutes of yesterday read and approved. 

Bro. W. A. Graham introduced the following resolution, 
which was adopted : 

Resolved. That the Secretary, in printing the minutes, have authority 
to omit all papers not adopted, simply mentioning introduction and dis- 
posal, also all papers introduced and adopted, when they are incorpora- 
ted in some part of the proceedings, simply mentioning introduction and 

Bro. L. L. Polk introduced the following resolutions, 
which were considered seriatum and adopted : 

Resolved. That the N. C. F. S. Alliance hereby enters its earnest pro- 
test against the policy of giving away the labor of our convicts, and de- 
mands of our Legislature the enactment of such laws as will hereafter 
prevent this outrage on the rights of the tax-payers of our State. 

Resolved 2. That we demand such changes in our laws as will reduce 
the costs in litigation in minor causes, and as shall enlarge the jurisdic- 
tion of our Justices of the Peace. 

Resolved o. That we demand that laws shall be enacted to prohibit our 
public officials from receiving or using free passes or free tickets on our 

Resolved 4. That we demand that our Legislature establish a commis- 
sion for the regulation of freights and tariff on the railroads of our State. 

Resolved 5. That the above resolutions be published in The Progres- 
sive Farmer for the next two months, with a request that the press of 
the State copy. 

Resolutions respecting a Committee on Legislative Reform 
were tabled. 

The hour for the special order not having arrived, Presi- 
dent Alexander entertained the Alliance with an instructive 
address on National Currency, Banking, &c. 

The Alliance, then proceeded to take up the special order, 
the election of a State Alliance Business Agent. 

After considerable discussion, a ballot was taken, which 


resulted in the election of Bro. W. A. Darden, of Speights 
Bridge, Greene county. 

The Alliance then elected Bro. W . A. Graham, of Lincoln, 
Trustee of the Business Agency Fund. 

Bros. Darden and Graham, in neat speeches, accepted the 
positions to which they had -been elected. 

A communication was received and read from the Secre- 
tary of the State Grange Patrons of Husbandry, asking the 
co-operation of all farmers' organizations in resisting the 
Bagging Trust. The Secretary of this Alliance was instructed 
to reply, giving the action of this Alliance in regard to the 
Bago-ino- Trust. 

A communication from the Principal of Peace Institute 
was read, inviting the Alliance to visit the institution. 

The Secretary was directed to return the thanks of the 
Alliance in a suitable response. 

The Committee on Constitution and By-Laws reported, 
recommending the adoption of various amendments to the 

[These amendments have all been incorporated in the 
Constitution in the order in which they were adopted, and 
the amended Constitution has been sent out to all the sub- 
Secretaries in the State.] 

Afteknoux Session, Aug. 10th. 18S8. 

The Alliance was called to order by Vice-President Ivey. 

The Committee on Demands and Resolutions reported 
back the following resolutions introduced by Bro. J. P. 
McLean, with the recommendation that the resolutions be 
adopted : 

Whereas. As members of this State Jurisdiction, we are pledged to 
secure cheaper living for the farmers ; and icJiereas. one of the leading 
methods to secure for ourselves this cheap living has been declared by 
the National Alliance to '•consist in such a revision of the tariff a< "will 
lay the heaviest burdens on the luxuries and the lightest on the neces- 
saries of life and as will reduce the incomes from imports to a strictly 
revenue basis:" and wliereas, the demands of our fraternity require that 


•we should be \ igilant and active in giving foroe and effect to this demand 
-•.<' our National Alliance: ami whereas, it is the bounden duty oi' every 
true Alliance man to stand to and abide by this declaration oi the 
National Alliance. Now therefore, be it 

Resolved. That we do hereby renew our obligations to abide by and 
give effect to this declaration of principles as announced by the 'National 

Ri'Suln </. That ks true and teadfast Alliance men we pledge ourselve* 
I" give neither aid. support, or comfort, nor to vote for any person or 
per.ions who cannot and will ;ioi co-o]ierate with this Alliauce in stand- 
ing b\ and giving nrarticai cried to tiie demand of said National 


On motion, it was ordered that the Secretary have pub- 
lished eight thousand copies of the Constitution as amended, 
for distribution to the Alliances of the State 

The following resolutions, introduced by Bro. J. H. Exum. 
were adopted unanimously: 

Resolved. That the thanks of the North Carolina Farmers' Alliance are 
due. and are hereby tendered to the ladies of this city who so kindly 
assisted in decorating this hall for the Alliance. 

Resolved further. That the thanks of this body are hereby tendered to 
the railroads and hotels, boarding houses, etc.. for reduced rates given 
to members of the Alliance. 

Resolved. That the thanks of the North Carolina State Alliance are 
due and are hereby tendered to Mr. Fred Watson, of Raleigh, for the 
kindly loan of suitable pictures for appropriately decorating this hall 
during this session of the Alliance. 

Resolved further. That this Alliance desires to express its sense of the 
obligations it is under to Mr. H. Steinmetz. Florist. Raleigh, for kindly 
and generously furnishing plant flowers. &c, for decorating our hall. 

Resolved. That the above resolutions be published in The Progressive 

Resolved. That the Secretary have seven thousand copies of the pro- 
ceedings of this body published under supervision of the Chairman of 
the Executive Committee. 

The Alliance then proceeded to the installation of officers. 
in which Bro. G. B. Pickett, of Texas, officiated as Install- 
ing Officer and Bro. L. N. Durham, Marshal of the Dav. 

The following named officers were duly installed : Bro. 
8. B. Alexander, President ; Bro. T. Ivev, Vice-President ; 
Bro. L. L. Polk, Secretary ; Bro. J. H. Dunn, as proxy for Ptev. 
Carl Moore, Chaplain ; Bro. L. R. Morrison, proxy for Bro. 
D. R. Parker, Lecturer ; Bro. D. D. Mclntrye, Assistant Lec- 


The Alliance selected Fayetteville, N. C, as the place at 
which to hold its next regular meeting on the second Tues- 
day in August, 1889. 

On motion, the Alliance adjourned. 


President N. C. F. S. Alliance. 
L. L. Polk, 

Secretary A 7 . C. F. S. Alliance. 



North Carolina Farmers' State Alliance. 


S L B^ ALEXANDER^ ^-^.^_^1^_^..,,...^...^-.. Charlotte. N. C. 

ga&tt^^g ls s *** *! £ &*< - 

Aslipole, N. C. 


L. L. POCK .......:^;... ' : '. :". Raleigh, tf.C, 

- •• . •# ;• -' 

:r'..;; % - "TREASURER: 

J. D. ALLEN. /.. ;J1 ;..".'.■: '......' ..! Falls. N. C. 

■ ' • - ■- . . - . Jf LECTURER: 


.Trinity College. N. C. 


! D. D. McINTYRE "j '£ '-! Laurinburg. N. C. 

\m -■■;■ -a 



i""?r?- ■ ! -C~ POOR -KEEPER: , 


..N. C. 

Favetteville, N. C. 


! D. H. SENTERl^^0. . : Bradlevs Store. N. C. ; 

:.'- . '.- ^^* : 5& SERGEANT- AT- ARMS: ., , ' 

1 J. S. HOLT... -*':.. :f../.„ .-,--- 1 Chalk Level, N. C. 1 

---;■-._ ,^^TATE BUSES] 3S AGENT: j 

W. A. DARDEN^j:^^.-.-./.... ..." Speight's Bridge. N. C. 


W. A. GEAHAMi.^'...... .... ... Machpelah, N. C. j 



: : ■■